Web Domains: Tools To Use, Articles To Read

Posted: 1 October, 2008 in Technical

A thought-out domain name can save you a lot of time and bring you a lot of traffic. Search engines love topic-related domain names and they seem to be an important aspect which is being used to evaluate web-pages. Besides, if you have a popular web-site with enviable reputation, you might be willing to make sure that your visitors don’t get to some surprising web-sites mistyping your site’s URL.

An overview of related resources is therefore both useful, handy and time-saving. Apart from that: apparently, domain names handling can also be a successful business, you just need to know what trends are coming and which terms will be important in the future.

Let’s take a look at essential, hand-picked domain-related tools, articles and resources we’ve found in the Web during our research.

Search for Domain Names

  • Picky Domains
    The community helps to select optimal domain names.
  • Make Words
    A generator for Domain names
  • Nameboy
    Finds free domain names combining two or more keywords.
  • Dyyo
    Searches for domain names with max. 4 or 5 characters. There are still some interesting options available; however, there are no free domains with three characters any more.
  • Domain Hack Search Utility
    Finds domains, which are the combination of exotic TLDs, directories und subdomains. For instance, http://smashin.gm/agazine/ (can be registered as a Gambian domain)
  • StuckDomains
    Finds expired CNO-Domains.Screenshot
  • Word Mixer
    Mixes several words together, combining them to create new terms. Ideal for creative domain names.
  • Rhymezone
    Finds terms similar to English words. Once the domain you’ve chosen is already taken, you can use this tool to generate similar words.
  • Domains Bot
    Looking for similar names.

Articles and Information

Domain Tools

  • Dot-o-mator
    A powerful word-mixer. You can enter up to 15 words in each prefix/suffix column, then combine them into a big list of potential names. Then check them all at once to see if any are still available.
  • DomainTools
    Over a dozen of Tools, e.g. Domain Spy, Name Server Spy, Reverse IP Search, Whois and Typo Generator. The registration is required.
  • AllWhois
    Whois domain name search & lookup.
  • DNSstuff
    DNS tools, DNS hosting tests, WHOIS, traceroute, ping and other network and domain name tools.
  • dnScoop
    Estimating Domain Name Value, History, Stats Tool and Forums.
  • Reverse IP DNS Domain Check Tool
    Finds domains that share server with you; such domains have the same IP.

Domain-related Forums and Communities

Domain-related Magazines and Weblogs


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